Choose a Country From the List

For Indvl to Indvl Personal Goods
1 Photo ID
2 Pan Card
3 Invoice 
For Company  to Indvl Personal Goods
1 Photo ID Of Auth.Signatory or Director
2 Signature Prof Of Auth Signatry or Director
3 IEC of Company Or Electricty Bill Or D Vat regstration  of Company 
4 KYC Form Signature and Stamp on 3 pages
5 For Countries Ukrain Chilli, Brazil, Japan, China, Nigeria, Czeh Repulic Letter Invoice or Plain Invoice
6 Tax ID number Required Brazil, Maxico, Chilli, 
7 Invoice cum packing list
For Commercial Parcel Connection
2 AD code on bank letter head orginal Or Last shipping bill copy  3 COPIES
3 Letter head declaration for custom regst or Last shipping bill copy 3 COPIES
6 Anax A 3 COPIES
7 GSP or chamber in case of Europe 3 COPIES
8 Pan Card  3 COPIES
9 Invoice On Letter Head ( Please do mentioned "MADE OF") 5 COPIES
10 Packing List  3 COPIES
11 KYC form 2 COPIES
12 passport size photo with self attested stamp and signature 2 COPIES
13 Authrised Signatury Photo ID , Signature prof and Address Proff 3 COPIES

Please Note

# Goods & Service tax 18 % would be Charged Extra on the Total Bill

# We highly recommend to call us before you choose any brand for use.

# This Service is Door to Door ..  We offer Free pick up from Door to Door

# .500 Grms and 1 Kg Can only go in Gunny Bags

# Dimension Weight or Actual weight whichever is higher would get charged

# To get information about the Terms Please visit our Terms and Condition page

# Open Account with us to get Better Deals

# Prohibited Artiles would not be sent

# Special Case Charges could be Charges of the List mention

# Rates mentioned above are Non Commercial consignments only

# Mandatory to provide  Invoice Form, Photo Id and Address Prof for sending the parcel

# Confirming a pick up would mean that you AGREE  and Understood INSTRUCTIONS and TERMS.

# Pickup Charges 499 Would be Charges Extra.