Here are Few Points which sender should be agreed to before using our services

01. Consignor agree return charges are applicable, if pkt. Returns due to any reason

02. Consignor agree remote area charges applicable, if forwarding through USPS, DHL in UPS there is an extended area charges applicable

03. Consignor agree to pay re-direction charges in case of change of address bad address or packet re-shipped due to any reason

04. Consignor would not make debit / deduction in case of delay delivery

05. Consignor agree that compensation value and amount decided by carrier (Eg  DHL or any other) would be given in case of loss of shipment

06. Consignor Agree custom duties, Handling charges, Finance Fee, Entry Fee  & other taxes ( Like Service tax which get charged extra on duty amount if paid in India)  will be borne by consignee or consignor   in case consignee refuses to pay, it will be debited to consignors account

07. Consignor Agree the liability of the contents being carried in any in lies on the shipper so consignor will take care to declare the contents & its value correctly & also take care of proper packing in order to avoid any damages of your    valuable goods in transit and debit / deduction would not be made on damages

08.  Consignor agree Elegant International liability as per clause specified in airway bill.

09.  Consignor agree no correction would be entertained after papers are handed over.

10.   In order to avail credit facility, consignor need to have a rollover deposit which will be based on your volume of business

11.  Consignor agree charged weight = volumetric weight or actual weight (whichever is higher)

      , Volume weight (kgs) = [length x width x height (cms) Divided by 5000 }

12.  Consignor agree to pay address change charges made after the connection which is 499 Rs + Fuel + Service Tax.

13.  Consignor agree to provide evidence of value declared on the invoice or GR waiver form if required

14.  All disputes are subjects to Delhi jurisdiction only.

15. Consignor agree to given Current dated Cheque payment or roll over deposit only

16.  Consignor agree to pay commercial clearance changes which 2000/- extra in case consignor send a commercial shipment

17.  Dynamic fuel surcharge & service tax is applicable on provided rates consignor will check fuel surcharge on monthly basis

18.  Consignor know rates are subjects to change at any time (as & when, where is revision  in rates of from forwarding airlines

/the principal Courier company) consignor will take update before consignor book any shipment with Elegant International

19. Consignor will take care maximum weight per package not to exceed 28 kgs. (if package more than 28 kgs......special handling charges would be applicable )

20. Consignor agree in case shipment in on hold for more than 2 days in Elegant International office due to any reason 10 per kg would be charged extra per week.

21. Consignor know that consignor have to mention "made of” with every Article or contain you mention on the invoice.

22. Consignor agree that consignor would give fumigation certificate in case of wooden packing (Or Use Plywood as fumigation is not required)and consignor will take care  of all the packing requirement if in plywood like two handles, HINGES to open Box, HASP, Locks and PALLETS If in case requirement is not fulfilled and consignor visit to for pick up then non booking charges would be applicable.

23. Consignor know improper Packing would not be accepted (Packing charges would be charged Extra )

24. Consignor Know packing should be in Plain Box with a Density of 7 Ply or 9 Ply Recommended

25. Consignor agree Non Booking charges 399 Rs if Our Executive comes and don’t get shipment due to any Reason ( Eg. Postpone or don’t agree with terms or don’t Agree with rates or any reason)

27. Consignor agree In case of improper invoicing or invoice not available invoice making charges are 50 Rs Extra

28. Consignor know that if in case consignor do not provide invoice and Elegant International employee ( for a Favour or service gesture) make invoice on consignor behalf liability of Declaration invoice value and mistakes still lies with consignor. ELEGANT INTERNATIONAL DO NOT HOLD ANY RESPONSIBILITY.

29. Consignor know Consignor and Consignee Complete address, Zip Code and Contact number details and mandatory to provide. In case of any delay or charges elegant international would not be liable.

30. Consignor Know cut off time for same day Connection for most of countries are 7 Pm at our Office (Sundays Off)

31. Consignor know Bill would be generated every 10th, 20th and End of the month and sent on to your Postal address (Or Email)

32. In case consignor would send Sample, Gift, Repairing or return consignment consignor would provide GR waiver form in case of custom requirement.

32. For Legal Terms and Conditions Please Visit